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Q Steel

Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel Plates

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Q Steel FZE represents the Three Mills of NLMK Europe Plate:

NLMK Clabecq, Belgium (earlier known as Duferco Clabecq, Belgium)
NLMK DanSteel, Denmark
NLMK Verona, Italy

NLMK Europe Plate offer hot rolled THIN, THICK, WIDE PLATES and TOOL STEELS in following categories: best replica watches

• Structural steel quality
• Laser cutting steel quality
• Checkered/Tear drop plates (Floor plates)
• Improved resistance to atmospheric corrosion (Corten plates)
• Shipbuilding quality
• Offshore steels
Boiler plates and pressure vessel steels
• Alloy steel, High carbon steels
• Line pipe steels- Sour Service & Non Sour Service
• Tool Steels – Engineering steels
• High yield strength steels
• Extra high tensile strength steel – Quend
• Wear/Abrasion resistant plates – Quard
• Armour/Ballistic resistant steel – Quardian
• Shot blasting and priming
• Certifications

A complete offer of hot rolled plates.
Thickness: 3 to 360mm
Length up to 24m
Width up to: 4050mm
Weight up to 50 tons

Their plates are widely used for diverse applications:

• Structural steel fabrication works
• Construction of earthmoving, mining, quarry and defence equipments
• Pressure vessels and oil & gas storage tanks
• Construction of pipelines for gas, oil and water
• Shipbuilding
• Construction of wind generators and other energy installations

Plate Mills:

1) NLMK Clabecq Belgium THIN & LIGHT
- Thickness range of 3mm to 120mm thickness plates with latest facilities for quenched & tempered plates
- Checkered/Teardrop plates (Floor plates)
- Quard plates
- Quend plates
- Quardian plates

2) NLMK DanSteel Denmark WIDE & LARGE
- Thickness range between 5mm and 200mm
- Width between 1000mm and 4050mm
- With new normalizing units, it can now heat treat up to 70% of its production

3) NLMK Verona Italy THICK & HEAVY
- Specialises in the production of forging ingots, forged and rolled plates in thicknesses from 20mm to 1500mm
- It has launched new grades in the boiler and tool steel categories

Structural Steels
ASTM A36/A283/A572/A573/A633

Corten steels

API 2H – 50
API 2W – 50
S355G2 + N
S355G3 + N

Pressure vessels
P275/355/460 N/NH/NL1/NL2
P355/420/460 M/ML1/ML2
P400 NGJ4
DIN17155:1983 HI, DIN17155:1983 HII
BS1501:1980 151-430A up to 225-490B

A516 Gr. 55, 60, 65, 70 with improved properties after PWHT
A516 Gr. 60 – 70 HIC (sour service)
A612 (higher resistance)
A387 Gr. 11 Cl.2/ Gr. 12 Cl.2/Gr. 22
A537 Class 1(N) and Class 2 (Q&T)

Plates for pipes
From X52M/L360M to X80M/L555M
From X52MS/L360MS to X80MS/L555MS

AH36, DH36, EH36

Tool steels

Alloy Steels
16MnCr5/20 MnCr5

Wind mills
S355 J2+N or NL
S355NL CAC (EN10025-3)
S355K2 ACC + N (EN10025-2)
S420/460 N/NL
S420/460 M/ML

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