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Q Steel

Wear/Abrasion Resistant Steel Quard

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Quard® is the abrasion resistant steel designed to resist wear in applications linked to earth moving, transport, construction, mining, quarrying and recycling industries among others. Its excellent wear resistance makes it the ideal steel to be used in most abrasive conditions and it's durability to reduce the weight of your equipment. Thanks to a combination of excellent flatness, tight thickness tolerances and superior surface finish, it brings new potential for productivity in your workshop.
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Sectors where Quard® is used:
• Yellow Goods
• Mining and Quarrying
• Recycling
• Agriculture
• Industrial Plant Manufacturing

Our Quard® plates can also be supplied from available stock in the local market.
For more details regarding Quard®, you can visit www.quard.me

Quard 400:

Quard® 400 is a martensitic wear/abrasion resistant steel with an average hardness of 400HBW. Due to its versatility in terms of high toughness, good cold formability and excellent weldability, Quard® 400 combines an outstanding work shop performance and a long lasting wear resistance.
For Quard® 400, guaranteed Hardness 370-430 (HBW)

Applications of Quard® 400:
• Mining and earthmoving machinery
• Crushing and pulverizing equipment
• Buckets, knives, crushers, feeders
• Presses
• Skips
• Excavators
• Slurry pipe systems
• Screw conveyors

Quard® 450:

Quard® 450 is a martensitic wear/abrasion resistant steel with an average hardness of 450HBW. The steel offers very high resistance to abrasive wear and impact granting a longer service life. The combination of very good cold forming properties and excellent weldability makes Quard® 450 an optimal choice for most wear applications.
For Quard® 450, guaranteed Hardness 420-480 (HBW)

Applications of Quard® 450:
• On road tipper and dumper bodies
• Cement drum mixer barrels
• Refuse haulers, scrap containers
• Buckets, knives
• Feeders, skips, screw conveyors
• Mining and earthmoving machinery

Quard® 500:

Quard® 500 is a martensitic wear/abrasion resistant steels with an average hardness of 500 HBW. Its very high resistance to abrasive wear and impact makes it ideal where long service life is required. With the combination of superior hardness and strength, Quard 500 an optimal choice for the recycling and mining industry.
For Quard® 500, guaranteed Hardness 470-530 (HBW)

Applications of Quard® 500:
• Screeners
• Crushing and pulverizing equipment
• Conveyors belts
• Grapples
• Scrap presses

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