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Armor/Ballistic Resistant Steel Quardian (Protection Steel)

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Quardian® is the brand name of the group of protection steel plates produced by NLMK Clabecq, Belgium, currently covering the hardness levels of 300, 400, 440, 500, 550 and 600 Brinell with these last two hardnesses in limited range for the moment.
High Protection Steel 
Quardian® ballistic properties are the result of specific Chemistries developed
in house, a unique process rolling and quenching and tempering treatments in
our ultra-high-performance facilities. The different proposed combinations of
hardness and tensile strength ensure that you will always find the Quardian®
adapted to your desired protection. 
As a specialist of thin steel plates, NLMK Clabecq offers Quardian® plates in large widths and in thicknesses from 3.6mm.
Quardian® can be used in numerous applications to protect life where it may
be threatened by gunshots or explosions. It can also be used to protect valuable goods. 
Life protection
• Armoured civil cars
• Patrol vehicles
• Armoured personal carrier
• Anti-riot trucks
• M.R.A.P
• Protected buildings
(shelters, guardhouses) 
Valuables protection
• Secured containers
• Valuable transporters
• Safe
• Cash & Transit 
• Shooting stands
• Ship and frigate 
Quardian® is tested in independent European Laboratories acc to EN 1522, VPAM, STANAG 4569, MIL 46100, and other standards. For information on plate thickness requirement vs protection level, please consult us. 

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